cant find gps

I have started up my extender, and it gets to step 10 and then says its looking for GPS and just stays there. I have tried it with the extender cable as well.  It is literally right next to a window.

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GPS requires synchronization with at least 3 orbiting satellites.  In most cases you should have access to 4 or more.  GPS can take a while to configure with a Network Extender.  If the NE is positioned next to a window and internet connected then you may just have to wait it out.  If the GPS signal is good it will pick you up sooner or later.

Worst case scenario reboot the NE or reset it using the reset button underneath.  Go back through the whole configuration process and let it try again.  You can also try moving it to another window for better results if your home network will allow for it.

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We know getting your Network Extender set up is a priority and we want to make sure that goes as smoothly as possible for you. Depending on where your router is located and which window you can use, you may have limited access to GPS. Sometimes it's necessary to try a different window, depending on your location. How long were you letting it try to connect for? Even with a good location, sometimes you may see it take up to an hour for the first setup. Thereafter, you'll usually see it connect within 15 minutes with a good GPS fix.

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