geting an error code of 691

Ok I have been using my netbook for about 2 months now. I love it. I use it at college and everywhere else. It comes in handy to study for school. However I tried to log into the net and it gave me an error code 691. User name and password invalid. I have never entered a user name or passowrd through the VZAccess. Help?????

Re: geting an error code of 691
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You won't be able to fix this on your own.  It normally points to improper disconnect from the network.  You will need to call technical support and report the issue.  Be sure to ask what steps you can take in order to prevent the error in the future. 

Re: geting an error code of 691
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I suggest trying to run the VZAccess Manager (VZAM) wizard again. First, delete the "Verizon Wireless - VZAccess" connection from the Network Connections control panel (I assume you're using XP/Vista). Running the wizard rebuilds the connections. If you had to manually rebuild them, by using the "New Network Connection wizard" in XP, the dialout number is #777, the username is "" where the x's designate your 10-digit phone number and the password "" I prefer to let XP handle the connections rather than VZAccess Manager, however if there are connection problems for any reason, XP won't log them whereas VZAM will.


Good luck!

Re: geting an error code of 691
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See if this solves your issue, and if not then please call tech support:


  1. Ensure that the wireless device is inserted / connected to the computer then launch VZAccess Manager.
    From the Windows desktop navigate: Start > Programs (All Programs) > VZAccess Manager.
  2. From the VZAccess Manager main screen, ensure that the connection status indicates Not Connected (located in the lower left).
    If Connected, click File > Disconnect
  3. From the keyboard, press Ctrl+D, enter diagvzw then click OK.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Ensure that Mobile IP Preferred is selected then click OK.
    Mobile IP Preferred must be selected for the device to operate in the Extended National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area (including Puerto Rico, Canada & Mexico). Roaming rates may apply.
  6. Do NOT change Access Overload Class.