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iPhone 7 4G LTE Network Extender Problems?

I have been using a 4G LTE Network Extender Verizon sent me for a few months.  It has functioned flawlessly since I purchased it - across multiple iPhone 6 and 6S.

I just received my new iPhone 7 and when I have WiFi OFF on the device, the network extender functions as normal.  5 bars, fully connected working as expected.

Once I connect to WiFi my cellular service drops to 1 bar (which is what I have off the network extender).  If I turn off WiFi my phone stays at 1 bar 3G (If I disconnect my network extender I have 1 bar LTE) it does not change until I either restart the phone or enter airplane mode, then it goes back to the extender as expected, 5 bars of LTE coverage.

I have reset network settings on my phone, restored to factory settings, reset the network extender, checked all settings I could find.

I am wondering if there is a setting verizon needs to enable on their back end - as I used the pre-installed SIM from Apple (Verizon SIM)

Re: iPhone 7 4G LTE Network Extender Problems?
Customer Support

Roadblocked, I am glad the Network Extender works for you and congratulations on getting your new phone. We are here to provide assistance. Let’s try turning off HD calling on your phone:

From the Home screen, navigate: Settings Settings icon > Cellular.
2. Tap the Cellular Data switch to turn on Switch On.
3. Tap Cellular Data Options.
4. Tap Enable LTE.
5. Tap Voice & Data to turn on or off.

Note Turned on when a check mark is present. When on, voice calls between compatible devices is carried over the 4G LTE data network.

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Re: iPhone 7 4G LTE Network Extender Problems?

Go to Settings>Cellular>Enable LTE> and choose Data Only, then dial #48 the iPhone 7 connected to the network extender.

Re: iPhone 7 4G LTE Network Extender Problems?

Useless reply.

iPhone needs to have voice/data enabled to connect to the network extender in order to make a phone call.

Re: iPhone 7 4G LTE Network Extender Problems?


I have the exact same problem.

iPhone 7 and Samsung 4G LTE network extender.

Full LTE bars when I turn on the phone in the morning (iPhone 7 connected to the 4G LTE network extender).

As soon as I'm back home after work, I just see two LTE dots in the iPhone 7. Only way to get connected to the 4G LTE Network Extender is to turn on/off the iPhone 7 airplane mode.

I did the reset network settings, reinstalled from scratch everything on my iphone 7, I have the latest carrier profile, I have the latest Verizon 4G LTE Sim card, Verizon iPhone 7, I have advance voice calling enable, I have LTE voice/data enabled (so Verizon 1 level tech support do not ask me to select data only or remove advanced calling functionnalities cause in that case the iPhone 7 won't be compatible with the 4G LTE network extender).

So here what I did:

When I'm home with full LTE reception I launch the iphone field test tool by typing on the phone keypad: *3001#12345#*. Clicked on serving cell info, then looked at the band frequency. I see 13. So it means that the phone is connected to the LTE band 13.

When I leave the house the phone connects to either LTE band 2 or 4. I live in San Jose CA and Verizon is using those two LTE bands in addition to the band 13 for deeper penetration inside buildings.

When I come back home the iphone 7 stays on either LTE band 2 or 4.

The real problem is why the iPhone 7 does not connect to the LTE band 13 especially when the iphone is next to a strong LTE band 13 and the iPhone 7 stays on LTE band 2 or 4???

The iPhone should connect to the LTE band who has the strongest signal where you stand. It is what the standard is known for. The phone modem should connect to the strongest signal so the phone won't have to use power to switch to another band. I even have the GPS turned on on the phone with the cell network search on (privacy/locations services on/system services on/cell network search on).

I do not think there is any issue with the Verizon 4G LTE network extender. I have the same issue at work this time without Nertwork Extender. The phone has 3-4 LTE dots on band 13. Then suddenly I see 1 dot on band 4. The iPhone then is stucked on band 4. To get good LTE coverage in the office I have to turn on&off airplane mode.

The problem, I think is coming, from the Qualcomm Snapdragon X12 - Snapdragon X12 LTE Modem | Cellular 4G Internet Modem | Qualcomm and the modem software.

Something interesting I found was Apple decided to reduce the Qualcomm chipset performance to be in line with the crappy Intel LTE modem performance found on the GSM iPhone 7 model (AT&T, Tmobile). Apple confirmed limiting iPhone 7 Qualcomm modem to keep performance on par with Intel chip 

Maybe this tweek is creating a problem with the network extender? I do not know...

I contacted Apple support. They had no clue of this problem. The lady I talked to went through all the technical articles and could not find anything. I then went a second level support person. Same results. At the end of the call, the support person told me to contact Qualcomm!!! I was shocked!!! And she booked for me an appointment with the local genius bar so they can look at my iPhone And run some diagnostic tools on it.

Based on my different analysis, Verizon tech support (level 3 or 4 and just the highest) should reach out to Apple and explain the issue with the iphone 7. Apple RF engineering team in Cupertino mist investigate this issue with the Qualcomm team.

Re: iPhone 7 4G LTE Network Extender Problems?

Very interesting analysis. I too live and work in SF bay area but don't have an extender. I switched from AT&T (iPhone 6) to Verizon iPhone 7 after Thanksgiving. I have had consistently poor LTE speeds (even after updating "everything" and having my LTE voice turned off.) and still see the occasional drop to 3G - even as I type this (Ping 51ms, DL 1.18Mbps, UL 0.22Mbps). With AT&T, my LTE speeds were great (<10-20Mbs DL/UL) but call quality was terrible. Call quality with Verizon has been good, but unfortunately Verizon LTE speeds have been terrible (not what I was expecting). One major issue when on LTE (when connected) is the upload speed (>1.0Mbs) which makes sending anything challenging. Seems that enough people are having this issue on Verizon with iPhone 7 that someone should be paying attention.