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impact of window tint

Has anyone experienced problems with using the network extender after having window tint installed on the window used by the extender?  We're suddenly getting multiple dropped calls after the window tint was installed.  Our phones are still connected to the extender, and all lights are blue, so things should be working well.  Maybe because the GPS was moved during the tint install, we need to reset the extender.  We'll try that next, if no one has any comments/recommendations.  Thanks!!

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Re: impact of window tint
Customer Support

That is definitely odd for sure and I know that would raise some concerns for me just the same. The GPS antenna can definitely be a factor in the performance of the extender, so if it was moved, that may have had an impact. When utilizing the external GPS antenna it's always best to ensure it is in a open space or near a window. This helps to reduce any interference of signal to the device. I'd definitely ensure the antenna is positioned appropriately to see if this helps. Keep us posted.

Also, take a look here to see how to install the external antenna if you are not already familiar:

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Re: impact of window tint
Sr. Leader

Totally possible, just like when your phone reacts differently to signal when you have it in a clip mount in the car in the top corner of the windshield near that tinted strip at the top.