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is it true?

is it true that 4g or a mobile hotspot uses more data i am ask because i just bought a jetpack and have only used it a few time and so far i half all ready used 2 gb i us to barly use 1 gb and the only reason i can think was i did dowload a 1gb file but other that i dont streat video or music

Re: is it true?

Your moble hotspots act like any other internet connection.  The only difference is that VZW monitors and enforces how much data you consume while you are connected to it.  That means you need to be careful and pay attention to how much data you are using on a regular basis.  If you can manage to create good data habits for yourself you should be able to stay within your data cap.

Example of Good Data Habbits:

  1. Avoid Video, use low def options if necessary
  2. Avoid Streaming music, use low def options if necessary
  3. Avoid High-res pictures, use low def options if necessary
  4. Close down your applications when you are done using them
  5. Disconnect from the device when you are not using it
  6. Check in on your usage frequently until you understand what impact your habbits have on the plan
  7. Turn off automatic updates for any programs or services
  8. Secure your device by changing the default connection credentials to custom values
Re: is it true?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

if you normally use 1 gb, and this month you downloaded a 1 gb file in one shot, then it stands to reason that this month you would use 2 gb's. what am i missing here? did you hit 2 gb's in a week and typically hit 1 in a month? yes, though, it's easier to consume more data on 4g than 3g. and follow ALL of john's tips.