is the server down for my.jetpack

every time i try to get the the website http://my.jetpack it tells that it cannot connect to the server. is the server down or something?

Re: is the server down for my.jetpack
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Are you connected to a VPN? 

If so then any locally accessed resources like the website for the Jetpacks admin page will not be available until you disconnect the VPN.  The Jetpack does not have a way to travel to the VPN server where your PCs are expecting to find the website.

Re: is the server down for my.jetpack
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DEEFUE37, we certainly want you to be able to access the admin page for your Jetpack. We are here to help. John_Gretzke is correct regarding a VPN. The admin page would not be accessible if you are connected to a VPN.


Also, the Jetpack page can only be accessed when you are connected to the Jetpack for your internet access. It is not an actual web page, but an explorer page that is connected to the Jetpack for admin access.


Have you tried accessing the page by visiting



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