mifi 2200 thinks i am over 500 miles away

We have a mifi 2200 which we use when traveling. Sometimes it is convenient for the browser to know where you are, so you can do local searches, etc. Unfortunately, I get some very strange results. Earlier today, it thought I was in  Hollywood, SC. Now it thinks we are in Atlanta,GA. Actually, we were traveling from Nashville TN to Montgomery AL. I confirm the location by googling where am i and looking at the result. Is there some configuration setting that will tell it to get the location from the tower instead of the IP address? Or some other way to resolve this?

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Customer Service Rep

Hello jandd,

Thank you for your inquiry today. I understand how important it is to make sure your computer relays accurate location information. My apologies that there is no way to resolve this issue. As IP addresses are constantly changing, the information will always be updating. My apologies for any confusion this may cause. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance, thanks!

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