mifi4620L Jetpack data problems

I have a mifi4620L Jetpack and I was wondering does anybody know how much data an xbox one could use up in an hour, my dad just got 30 gb on it, but he use to have 5 gb and i would always go over on it from playing 4-5 hours each saturday night, i only play on weekends. Does anybody know?

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Re: mifi4620L Jetpack data problems
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Great question gman103. I too have a xbox one and love it (we should play live sometime). I do apologize as we don't have an exact amount of usage this would cause. However, we don't recommend customers to use a MiFi with their xbox as it's known to use a high amount of data in a short amount of time. Verizon Fios might be able to assist and provide a better solution for you  http://www.verizon.com/?lid=//global//residential .

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Re: mifi4620L Jetpack data problems
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If you play 4-5 hours you are going to use 4.69 GB/mo

Source: 3G Store Data Usage Calculator

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Re: mifi4620L Jetpack data problems
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> Does anybody know?

There is no way to know exactly how much data you will consume while playing xbox because every game is different.  Generally speaking playing online games consumes relatively low data.  Video games are designed to be efficient with network technologies, only passing down what is necessary to boost performance on the users side of the equation.  Heavy processing is done either on the users machine or on a server.  What is passed between these two ends is only what is necessary to synch up everything and display the correct information as everyone plays together.

However, what most people don't anticipate is that video games have massive downloads every now and then.  When you download a new game or take a large patch it can consume well over 10 GB per session.  These major changes to your gaming environment generally have a much larger impact than the normal gameplay itself.  In games where you can chose to delay or predownload content before it goes live you can sometimes offload the downloading from a second internet connection that is not metered.  But if not then you are going to get a spike in usage every now and then.