network extender both the sys/GPS lights remain red

Until recently I was a ATT customer, when I moved to Franklinton NC ATT provided me with a brand new (no charge) MICRO CELL/EXTENDER.  Probably took me more time to take the unit out of the box then to set it up as, you simply plug the nic cable into the wireless router or hub, plug the unit into the AC outlet and it is on.  This unit set rite on the floor under the window for close to 3.5 years.  The only issue was that if the power went out, you would lose you cell service.  The other issue was no one else with a ATT phone could get either a text message, phone call etc. while at work in Chapel Hill Med facilities.  I visited

the Wake Forest Verizon Wireless store, explained all the above and then some to the sales person,  We were assured that we would no longer need the MICRO CELL/EXTENDER and that according to the VERIZON map COVERAGE was excellent.  This sounded great, and as it was time to get new phones we ordered two of the new Galaxy 5S phones.  We ask the sales persons to add 2 names to the billing so that if one did not have time the other could follow-up on issues (of course that did not happen)  Anyway the phones arrived.  Well one of us works from home While conducting business I had 5 dropped called with this one customer (I could hear them saying "hello" hello", if you can hear me I can not hear you,)  I found that I had to call them back, while explaining that these were new phones and do not work on my ATT MICRO CELL/EXTENDER.  I uncounted a number of experiences both personal/business.  I then called verizon support and explained the above.  A service ticket was opened with a tech (not sure) being sent out to my area,  Days later I was informed that I would require a MICRO CELL/EXTENDER alone with the price of same.  That is not what I purchased.  Since then after calling back I spoke with a very nice young lady and explained the above as the young lady was very sympathetic as were the other techs I had already spoken to and said she would see what could be done regarding the MICRO CELL/EXTENDER.  After a brief hold, I was told that instead of the full price I could get one from them around $170.00, I did not feel that since the issues that occurred was not do to my hap haphazardly rushing into a contract with Verizon (also I was reminded) when speaking other Techs that "well you can take the product back".  Anyway the young lady returned and related that a MICRO CELL/EXTENDER would be sent out, but because the Easter holiday (2014) I would probably not get it until Tues following Easter Monday.  Well it did not arrive on Tuesday nor by Wed. as well as the tracking # provided Fedex had no record of such.  I recontacted Verizon and the Tech was able to pull up the info after I explained what I was looking for.  I was informed that it appears that the MICRO CELL/EXTENDER as promised wa denied. This tech was able to located the tech who indicated that the device would be sent out.  I am told that a new one would not be sent out,  she went back to the same person who approved the initial one.  Here again she returned and related that she has been approved to send out a refurbished device.  I related that if that it the best you can do and as long as it is working to send it.  I received the refurbished device connected it and was only able to get the power/WAN lights blue after more than several day.  This alone with various trouble shooting tips/tricks etc (including wiring it through a wire, directly into the modem, through a hub/ attaching the external antenna cable/ standing on one leg and hold the unit up in the air.  I t only got worse, all the lights went red, or the power light would blink completely out, etc.  i reached out to Verizon again and was sent out a replacement device (refurbished).  Well it does the same thing.  prior to all of the above, I was also directed to contacted my ISP, to have them open port 500, as according to a tool that one of the techs provided me indicated that it was closed.  TWC indicated that they do not block ports.  HELP, HELP, HELP, HELP

HELP, HELP.  And please no more surveys until the problem is solved.  But I did get your BILL asking for payment.         

Re: network extender both the sys/GPS lights remain red
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Wow! I'm sorry about your experience with our service dreadlocs22. I see you have performed all the steps we would go through with you including speaking with our upper level technical support group. The ticket is our last step for trying to fix the issue. If the upper level technical support team have provided you with the information regarding contacting y our ISP this would be all that there able to do to get this resolved. We can review the ticket to get a better idea of the final resolution for a better explain. You can send us a private message, chat , facebook us or send us a message via

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