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network extender not working with phone

My verizon q2 was working on the network extender fine and then i assigned the phone to a new number and somehow that forced a change to the PRL - probably because of *228 or something they did at the verizon store.

I called tech support (57 minute phone call) and they said I had a hybrid prl that was assigned to my phone as a result of Alltel merger. This was never an Alltel phone nor was I ever an Alltel customer. He said  he made a change and I should wait 24 hrs and do *228 then 2. Well I did and the PRL is still 51611 and will not use my network extender. I have 4 other phones that work great with the network extender. One of the other phones is my daughters q2.

How do I get a good PRL on my q2 so it will use my network extender ?


It's just so frustrating that verizon can make changes to your phone and disable a key feature like using you network extender (that you paid good money for). Then when you call them they act like *YOU* did something and you need to wait 5-7 days for "the issue to clear up".. It's their network, their towers, their software, their system and support. Either give us the tools to help resolve it or allow us to open incidents so we can go straight to tech support with open issues like this. The people at the store were useless - the network extender is at my house - they need one at the store so they can resolve these issues.