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"quicklink mobile" software hangs???

former alltel with huawei ec168 wireless internet (unlimited!!!)... since may '09, most of the time i have been satisfied with five bars and bandwidth from 1.2-2.7Mbps... BUT, i have fought various disconnects, hangs, and bw down to less than dialup modem (ex. 20kbps downloads)... my 40+ years as a tech makes for many log entries documenting the bw issues... NOTE: that the problems with bw have been drastically reduced after i called into tech support a few times... and let them know that i have tons of documentation and session logs, statistics of the "down" times... however, the last time i had a problem with bandwidth, i noticed something significant... bw had gone into the deep dark pit... barely moving... i looked into my task manager (w x/p) and i am watching "quicklink mobile" process sucking up 99% of my cpu time!!!  no wonder i am not getting any bandwidth!!!  this goes on until i get tired of it... i shut qm down... exit qm process via task manager... pull the ec168 usb modem... allow the system to recognize the modem is now gone... plug in the modem... allow the system to pick it up and install it again... crank up quicklink mobile... and... bandwidth is good again... so, i am wondering now, even though i am going days without any problems at all... does the quicklink mobile software, integrated with this modem... hang up is some way when it will take up all the cpu time?  has anyone else with a similar situation... bandwidth going to near zero... notice what quicklink mobile is doing?  is it hung in a tight cycle and taking up all cpu resources?  whatever... at least now i am actually going days and days without any problem at all... okay, there are still some times when i just feel like disconnecting and re-connecting... would like to hear from others... thanks to all!