? re prepaid mobile broadband (will the novatel USB760 work for such a plan?)





i'm going to be on a long car trip coming up, and i need broadband internet access for my laptop for 4-6 hours. this is a one-time need, so i'm looking at getting a single-day mobile broadband internet plan setup.


given that i'm trying to accomplish this as economically as possible:


what type of modem do i need to purchase? the brand new 4g modems on verizon's webpage are quite expensive when purchased w/out a plan. would something like the novatel verizon USB760 modem allow me to connect with a one-day broadband plan?


i have found the novatel USB760 for around $50. if anyone has any other suggestions, your advice would be much appreciated.


thank you!

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Yes you can use this device as a source of Internet Access.  What I recommend is using our data calculator to determine the amount of usage that you will need for your trip.  Here is the link to the data calculator http://www.verizonwireless.com/splash_includes/datacalculator.html.  

Also, after you use the Data Calculator, here are our prepaid plans for you to review: 

Data Allowance (sending and receiving)AccessExpires
100MB$15Day (24 hours)
300MB$30Week (7 days: remaining day, plus next 6 calendar days)
1GB$50Month (30 days: remaining day, plus next 29 days)
5GB$80Month (30 days: remaining day, plus next 29 days)
Note: Once Prepaid Mobile Broadband allowance or expiration is reached, any session that is in progress will end, and any content that is being sent or received may be lost. 
Also, here is a link to the Prepaid Plans above: