slow speed award

hello i wanted to say that many times, i get speedtest results of .05 mps.  that is @ 50kps.  sometimes it could even be 10kps that is the lowest speed possible to register on the seedest, so slow that web pages dont load and the connection can time out.  most of the time my speeds are about 200kps or .2mps.  once in a while it could be .5mps.  and this is all with 5 bars evdo!!  in the early morning like 5am it would be better but still about only .4 mps with burst to about .5mps.  i suppsedly live in a good coverage area, but it is a rural area.  it seemed the speeds were better a while back but they go through bad peiods, i called tech support today.

Re: slow speed award
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Do you have VZAccess Manager?  If so, open it, do ctrl+d then diagvzw as the password.  Click on field test. Check the Active PN sets.


You may be on a tower with lots of users, congestion, or may be hitting two towers to cause speed issues.