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um175 broadband connection drops after average of 5 mins

I've been using a pantech um175 for broadband access since April 09 but suddenly last month I started losing a connections after an average of 5 minutes connection time. I've called tech support 6 times and they've sent a new/refurbished device but nothing has changed.


does anyone have ANY idea on what could be wrong? this has been a royal pain.


It's not a signal prob. like I said, I've been using this since April and then suddenly in December it flakes out. I can't see any device conflicts. Tech support has had me download a new VZAccess manager, etc etc.


tech support seems stumped. any help would be appreciated.



Re: um175 broadband connection drops after average of 5 mins
hmm tech support has not been able to help? Thats odd... I had that issue in my um150 and they told me there was a setting that was making it time out. Have you asked for a trouble ticket to be created? If your card has been replaced its not the card thats causing the problem. Have you tried a different pc?
Re: um175 broadband connection drops after average of 5 mins

I have had similar problems for 2 yrs


1. Data techs can change some settings to keep modem from trying to switch between slow and fast networks. This helped but only got me to 60% usable when in a marginal area.


2. I then got a Wilson amplifier which gives me 5 bars and it got me to 95% usable when I am not on a sensitive server that does not like disconnects.


3. Since March, my speeds have decreased and disconnects have increased. Also, my Blackberry Perl Flip has started dropping calls after talking for 2 min. Both will then reconnect immediately.


4. Since the Wilson amp serves both systems to maintain good signal strength, the modem disconnects and phone disconnects make me think that there is a tower problem.


5. It appears that I may not be operating on a tower owned by Verizon as my yagie antenna points away from what they say is their antenna . It could be a tower that they rent space on and they say they may not be able to trouble shoot problems on a “roaming” tower.


6. I did look at the modem speed configuration and found it was set to 115200 kbps so I moved it to its maximum setting (30 min ago) and this seems to be helping. 


What have you found and what is your status?

Re: um175 broadband connection drops after average of 5 mins

I hate to see this thread get dropped. I am having a similar problem. I've had my um175 about a year. Went six months without a hitch. Every thing worked perfectly. Then my connection seemed to slow down a little. Signal strength dropped off quite a bit, to a point where it was switching to "national access". Called support, started ticket, and never heard anything back,  but in about a week or so, my problem went away. Mysteriously a friend of mine was having exactly the same problem with his "cricket" connection. He switched to Verizon, and now has a good  connection.  I think I was switched to different (rental?) tower for a while, and then got switched back.????


Sorry for the long history,,, now to the current problem which is similar to this thread.

I gave in to the nag to update to the new drivers. MISTAKE.   Now, when I start my computer(desktop), sometimes the modem is not found. NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE THE UPDATE. Also, all of a sudden, I lose my connection if I leave  the computer idle for a couple of hours. NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE THE UPDATE. I have uninstalled, updated with every driver package available till I am blue in the face. Even went back to the original drivers that came on the CD. All with no success. I tried running without "access manager",,,and I still get "dropped" after a short idle period.

I hope someone can shed some light on the problem.        TIA

Re: um175 broadband connection drops after average of 5 mins



Did you ever get an answer to this?