verizon card pc5750 disconnects, error codes in log

A few times a day, the pc5750 card will disconnect me.


If I take a look in the log, there are several errors listed which coincide with the disconnects.


most of them say error 3008, but some say error 680.  What do these error codes mean?

Re: verizon card pc5750 disconnects, error codes in log

I have seen similar issues in the past. 


First, did you recently add or remove any software to the comupter?  Any did it start happening after windows updates? 


A few things to try include uninstalling the VZ access manager software and reinstalling it after restarting the computer.  You want to visit to make sure you have the latest version of the software.


In some cases, a trouble ticket has to be issued through tech support.  They may need to reset or rebuild the account on the network end.  If it runs very very slowly when connected, the account may be stuck in 1X. 


Try the software first making sure you have the latest version.  If it doesn't get any better, call tech support when you are in front of the computer so they can walk you through some things they have to check and try. 


I hope that can get you going in the right direction toward getting the issue resolved.