want to drop hotspot

I got the MiFi 2200 Hotspot 2 years ago and according to the website, my contract ends January of 2013. Can I cancel this contract early? I want to keep my phone but I want a different internet service, DSL, and Verizon doesn't offer it in my area.


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You can cancel your service at any time, but you will have to pay the Early Termination Fee if you do.  The ETF is 175.00 and is not pro-rated depending on how much time you have left on your contract.  That being said canceling out of your service when you have about 3 months left would cost you about the same as sticking with the program till the end. 

**Edit** I stand corrected, the ETF does appear to be prorated.  Thanks to the community for setting the record straight.

VZW is not very forgiving on the ETF for folks who just want to get out of the contract (without a fee).  The contracts are even difficult to get out of (without a fee) when there is a technical/service reason for getting out early.  It sounds like you have a service related reason to terminate.  Its worth a shot to contact VZW and ask.  However, I would expect them to push back about paying the ETF before they let you go.

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You can do 1 of 2 Options

1. Cancel with a Pro-Rated ETF

2. >Offering to buy, sell, trade an unlimited data plan, or post a site to do so is not allowed on this forum<

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unlike what john has stated, the termination fee of $175 IS PRORATED. it says so in your customer agreement.the fee reduces by $5 for every full month of service that you have completed in your contract.

if you were to cancel your service prior to contract, you would incur a termination charge, but it would not be the full $175. also, the second part of what john stated also wouldn't apply here, as wanting a different type of service does not constitute a service issue.

if you were to cancel now, your term fee would be about $100(just an estimate). the alternative, is that if you have a friend or family member who would like service, you can have the person assume liability of the line, which would basically give your service to somebody else to resume. no fees or penalties, and your not responsible for the account at that point.