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wireless bridge (wet54g) to MiFi 4620L

I have a linksysWET54G bridge I want to use to connect a desktop (without a wireless adapter) to my 4620l.  I have set this up with my previous system which was a usb modem inserted into a cradlepoint router.  My thought is that the 4620L is basically a wireless router with a build in modem.

I have configured the bridge to connect to the 4620L, and i can even see the bridge from the 4620L from the 4620L wi-fi connected devices page.

however when i connect the pc to the ethernet port on the bridge i cannot seem to get the 4620L to assign an ip to the pc.

Does anyone know of a reason this should not work? 

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Re: wireless bridge (wet54g) to MiFi 4620L

This is a better question for Cisco as it is most likely a configuration issue with thier device.  The MiFi will only be responsible for providing an IP Address for those devices which are configured to look to it as the default gateway.  In other words you need to have your bridge configured to accept the MiFi as the defualt gateway so that it does not attempt to assign its own competting IP Addresses to the same network. 

Lets take a stab at it anyways.  User Guide can be found here:

See page 3 for steps on how to sign into the Bridge.  From there you can access the setup tab and review the important configuration info.  It is in the LAN area that you can make changes to how your Bridge connects and works with the MiFi.

Here are some tips:

1. Make sure the IP Address for the Bridge is unique.  You dont want anything else to have the same IP

2. Make sure the Subnet Mask matches the MiFi's subnet mask.  Chances are it will be

3. Enter the IP Address of the MiFi in the default gateway area.  This will tell your bridge that the MiFi is the boss.

Let us know if you need more steps or advice from here.