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worst.customer.service.ever - Modem problem

This is not the same topic.  I am sorry to barge in here but I am a bit frantic.  I bought a 10 gb 4 g speed modem  for our two computers which I thought was unlimited access.  Am I wrong; do they charge by e-mails or time? Of coures, no one is at the office for me to call and I received an e-mail saying my usage is almost 90% and I just received the modem.

Please tell me it isn't so.

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Re: worst.customer.service.ever

Depending on when you bought it, yes, it is entirely possible.

Sorry to tell you this.  I hope you're inside your 14 days so you can return it.  Expect to pay $35 though to do it. 

Lame they sold you a MODEM and only offered you what I assume is 1gb per month.  I can chew through that in a couple hours at 4g speeds.

So very lame, Verizon.  So very lame.

Re: worst.customer.service.ever - Modem problem

armoredkitty wrote:

I bought a 10 gb 4 g speed modem  for our two computers which I thought was unlimited access. 

10 GB is not unlimited.

If you are streaming videos on those two computers, 10 GB may not be enough.

Re: worst.customer.service.ever - Modem problem

Couple of things here:

1. VZW does not offer new devices with unlimited data plans.  All unlimted data plans are grandfathered in from previous contracts.  Every new device is a part of a tiered data usage price model and will charge you overage fees for every additional GB of data that you use over your limit, rounded up ofcourse.

2. VZW does not charge by email or by time.  VZW charges you data based on the amount of data that you request from thier network.  Emails, websites, video and audio all have different data values associated to them and no two are alike.  Here is a good tool to help you visualize what that means:

3. You can monitor your data usage in a number of different ways.  Most of the time it is easiest to contact the 1-800-922-0204 number and work through the menus to listen to your data usage.  Otherwise if you can sign into your MyVerizon website and look it up that way too.  Finally, if your modem has the software for it sometimes you can view your data usage directly on your computer's connection software (VZAccess)

Re: worst.customer.service.ever - Modem problem

What do you do on your 2 computers

Here is a link that categorizes the type of data usage you will use for certain activities maybe it can shed some lights on your usage.