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***Announcement: We’re excited to inform you that we will be merging the Fios and Wireless Communities to a unified Verizon Community with a new look and feel throughout. If you are interested in what specifically has changed, please see the New Revamped Community article under the Featured Topics.***
New Revamped Community Coming Soon!!!!
Community Manager
Community Manager


We’re excited to inform you that we will be merging the Fios and Wireless Communities to a unified Verizon Community with a new look and feel throughout. While things may look different, you’ll find nearly everything you are used to about Community.

The sign in will follow the former Wireless Community sign in process. You can use My Verizon Member or the Community Only Member account to sign in (Please see the image below).  The Fios Community users are being migrated to the new Verizon Community. The launch of the new One Verizon Community will occur at the end of October / early November.


In the unified community, the Wireless and Fios community users have a common sign in where they would be able to sign in either as a Verizon Member or a Community only member. Current Wireless and Fios community users/Verizon members should be able to access the community with their existing credentials (using their User ID or mobile number and password). In some rare cases, you might be asked to reset your password before you sign in to your account.

New Verizon customers who are not community users should be able to access the community by using their User ID or mobile number and password along with the creation of a screen name for the community. 

Prospect Verizon customers would have to register as Community only members to sign in to the community. Community only member registration is a simple and seamless process which asks the users to register using a Username (i.e., Screen name on the community), Password and Email address.


Also, here’s a sneak peak on the changes which we would have as part of the revamped community.



Search the community: A prominent search bar that runs across the community to help search and locate various posts across multiple categories  and the  users.


Ask a question: “Ask a question” CTA on the community navigation is a quick way to ask a question and add thoughts to the community. It helps the users to create posts in various categories, sub-categories and topics and sub-topics. This also allows users to “Make a suggestion” or add “Just for fun” conversations to the community.



Recent discussions: All the recent discussions on the Community Home would have Featured topics, Accepted solutions, Unanswered discussions and All discussions which would allow users to browse and sort the discussions by most recent and top viewed topics. 


New Discussion Categories: Categorization of boards has been created and aligned with in order to make it easy to navigate through the community. There are multiple ways to find the discussion categories

  1. Community Home -> Scroll down to “Browse discussions within categories” section. This allows users to go into sub-categories. Changing the tabs on the Community Home also allows users to see other discussions under other categories.
  2. From the navigation using the Categories tab: Categories -> Categories Overview section - gives an overview of the all the category boards
  3. Categories -> Mobile | Home | Accessories | Entertainment - Individual category navigation from Categories tab






Profile cards with new progressive ranks are displayed on hover of each user’s profile image. This is a new ranking structure which is being introduced with the revamped community and would be applied for both wireless and fios community users. The profile card would display the current rank as well as the future ranks which can be achieved. These ranks are purely based on users’ contributions in the community. Users who contribute more have an opportunity to attain higher ranks. 


Sales Promotions: Each category from the Community Home will have relevant promotions displayed in a carousel. Additional promotions are also displayed as part of the individual category/sub-category pages.


Member Leaderboard: A brand new revamped Leaderboard which showcases the users who have made great contributions to the community across various criteria: Most Valuable Post, Trivia Champ, Top Solutions Author and Top Kudoed Authors across both communities. “Show full Leaderboard” would take the users to a full view of the Member Leaderboard.


Self-help topics: This section showcases the self-help videos which have been created by the community leaders and are helpful to other users in the community. These are specific to the Fios/Home community and are displayed at multiple places for ease of access.

  • Community Home -> Home tab -> Self-help topics
  • Help -> Self-help topics
  • Information Hub-> Super User contributions



Recent articles & Blogs: This is a section which displays all the “Recent articles” inside the community. “Show all” would help the users browse through all the articles inside the community. “Read more” on each of the articles would take the users to individual article pages.


Announcements: All the recent announcements inside the community are displayed as part of the announcements section. “Read more” on each of the announcements would let the users read the announcement in detail.


Looking forward to a successful launch. The Community Team will keep you informed in the coming weeks. 

















Community Manager

Re: complaint

I would like to document a complaint with Verizon. I wish that there was an email address through which to address my concerns, but as there is not, I will post them here. On 10/22/22 I went with my aunt to the local Verizon store. We added a line for her to my account and transferred her number from a prepaid phone to a new flip phone from Verizon. Unfortunately they did not have the phone in stock, but ordered it and sent it to me with the promise that it would be ready for activation as soon as we received it and that she would be able to use her prepaid phone until that time.


I received her new phone today. When we attempted to activate it we repeatedly received a message that it was unable to be activated. We called the customer support number provided. After 1 hour and 26 minutes on the phone and 4 different representatives (first unknown name in customer support, second Mark Anthony in Sales activation, third Christiane, and finally Annette in port activation) I was finally connected to a very helpful “port transfer” representative, Annette, who was able to help us with the activation, but in the process of carefully reviewing the request found that one of the prior 3 representatives whom I had talked to had somehow requested that my phone number (that I have had with Verizon for 18 years) was going to be released to wholesale. In order to correct that Annette sent it on to tech support, she called me back later today and we spent another 1 hr and 9 minutes together with Ange in Customer sales. In order to prevent my phone number from being deactivated and sent to wholesale, the whole order was cancelled including the activation of my aunt’s phone. Very, very long story short, she was unable to activate my aunt’s phone, and instead proposed sending a new SIM card to her which might then allow us to activate her phone. However in the interim her old trac phone no longer has a number associated with it and can not be called.


Thus my 94 year old aunt who lives alone would be without a phone for the next 3 days.

This is an untenable situation. I requested that the service be canceled and that we go back to her original prepaid phone. They agreed to do that, but are going to charge me a $50 restocking fee for her $70 flip phone, and I already paid a $45 non-refundable activation fee.


I request that I be reimbursed for all of these expenses and for the over 2.5 hours of time that I have spent on the phone with Verizon today.