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2Q Verizon Community Enhancements

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Wireless & Small Business Categories

We are pleased to announce the addition of community boards focused on Verizon Wireless products and services – specifically Mobile Devices and Wireless Plans and Features.  In addition, Small and Medium sized business customers can now take advantage of all of the benefits of our community environment.  Additional Verizon Wireless and Small Business resources have been assigned to assist and moderate the community environment.


Overall Community Redesign

We’ve significantly retooled the design of the Community Forums to make it easier to locate useful information, increased the number of forum categories (Wireless, Small Business, and Shared Products and Services), and enhanced the community homepage.  When members reach the homepage, the community now displays the number of unread messages in each forum instead of the total number of posts.


Expanding our Community

In the past, only customers who subscribed to Verizon Residential products and services could participate in the Community Forums.  As part of our commitment to the entire Verizon family – we have opened access to the forums for Verizon Wireless products and services as well.  But we didn’t stop there – now anyone can participate in the community – even if you are not currently a Verizon customer.  Whether you have questions about your existing My Verizon service, problems with your device, or have a quick question about Verizon prior to signing up – the community is here for you!


Community Leader Designation

We’ve introduced the Verizon Community Leader designation for members who have exhibited outstanding service to the community.  These Community Leaders are easily distinguished by the “CL” logo next to their screen names.  Members can be designated Community Leaders by the forum Administrators or Moderators if they consistently meet the following criteria:


  • Consistently Provides Helpful Advice To Other Member Questions
  • Has Positive Tone To Posts To All Community Members
  • Is A Frequent Contributor To The Verizon Community.
  • Adheres To Verizon Community User Guidelines


Smaller – but no less important Feature Additions

  • Ability to display City & State, as well as your current Device and Calling Plan information within your posts.  This information is optional and will display under your screen name in postings.
  • Signatures – Once a member has made 10 postings to the board – the community will automatically grant community members the ability to include a custom signature when posting.
  • New Wireless Device Avatars allow community members to select from a range of our most popular devices.
  • Community polls have been added to get member voted feedback on questions posed by the Verizon Community Team.
  • Relevant Marketing information placed at the top of certain forum boards.
  • Updated Terms and Conditions necessary to support all of the updates and features we’ve added.


We hope these changes help all of our community members receive a more useful experience – whether it is equipment, calling plans or network related.  As always, we welcome your feedback and ask that you post any comments or suggestions to the Feedback and Suggestions board within the Community Forums.



The Verizon Community Team

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