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Featured Community Employee Of The Month

Verizon Employee
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employee profile.september.jpg1. How long have you worked for the Verizon Community?

I have had the pleasure of working with the Community for a little over 9 months.


2. Apple or Samsung?

I actually am fortunate enough to have both operating systems because of work. But I love my iPhone and iPad.


3. Do you like contributing to the blogs? Which has been your favorite to write and why?

I really like writing blogs for the Community. It allows me a chance to step out of daily work routine. It’s hard to pick just one blog because I like almost all of the blogs I have published. Most of the blogs were about the City of Chicago and I love my city, and I promote it every chance I get. (This is another shameless a plug). But my favorite blog was  , were I was able to share my Groovy Gym playlist.  


4. What type of smartphone do you have? What was your first phone?

I have an iPhone 6s, it’s cool.  My very first phone was the Nextel i90. It was actually my Dad’s phone, but I thought it was so cool that I he ended up giving it to me.


5. What is the most challenging part of your job? Favorite part?

The most challenging part of my job would be that the rest of my team is located in a different office on the East Coast. Even though we do communicate daily, it would be nice to actually see the people I work with on a daily basis. My favorite part is everything!


6. What made you to want to work for Verizon?

My best friend’s mom worked with Verizon prior to me applying. She would always talk about how amazing the work culture was at her office and she was right! Plus, I admire what Verizon does for its employees and for other communities around the US. I have been working for Verizon for almost 5 years and have seen so many examples of them living up to their Credo


7. What are three fun facts about you?

a. I have the cutest dog named Biscuit, who is Bilingual. Biscuit will do commands in either English or Spanish.

b. I love to travel. I been to over 20 US states, 3 countries and I am currently planning on traveling overseas.

c. I can craft practically anything. I always find myself doing a lot of DIY projects or creating decorations for parties. Family and friends will usually contact me to help them with a project.


8. Favorite food?

My favorite food of all time are tacos! I can eat tacos at any time, any day.


9. What’s your Alma Mater?

University of Illinois at Chicago


10. If you could be any animal, what would it be?

If I could be any animal I would be a pretty colorful Parrot. I love the way Parrots look and their ability to interact with humans. They are really smart animals and can live for a long time. 


Meet Biscuit!

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About the Author
I have been with VZW for the past 5 years and loving every moment. I spent 2 years working with our Social Media Team and now have the privilege to work with the Community.