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Featured Community Employee

VZ Employee Emeritus
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1. How long have you worked for the Verizon Community?

I have been working with the Verizon Community for just over 3 months!


2. Preferred Operating System

Apple, I love the simple user interface and that all my devices link seamlessly.


3. What type of smartphone do you have? What was your first phone?

I currently have the iPhone SE (I know ancient), but I love the small compact design. My first phone was the Motorola Razr V3M in pink.


4. Do you like contributing to the community? Which has been your favorite to write and why?

I love contributing to the Verizon Community! I am passionate about creating and planning the look, tone, and feel of the blogs.

My first blog (aside from this one) will be the Monthly Accessory Buzz Piece going live on 8/14 which is a great way to connect to Verizon’s amazing tech.


5. What is the most challenging part of your job? Favorite part?

The most challenging part of my job is trying to keep the content relevant and exciting in order to get the Community engaged. My favorite part is planning the editorial calendar so we can write a variety of topics for the blog, such as quirky National Holidays and upcoming tech promos.


6. What made you to want to work for Verizon?

I’ve always been into marketing strategy and blogging. Verizon seems to be on top of the pulse for both so it made sense when the opportunity was presented.

Plus I really loved that Verizon gives back to local communities by providing new technology as well as educational resources for kids and veterans.


7. What are three fun facts about you?

a) I really love reading about serial killers and criminal profiling. My dream job would be working as a profiler or detective.

b) I love dogs! One day I want to own a large piece of land so I can open up a Dog Haven that has a working ranch and a HUGE library.


Say hello to Meitu and Sadie!




c) I love photography I have tons of cameras that range from instant to digital and analog. The instant cameras have been my go to when exploring. I go on a lot of solo adventures to find different locations to photograph.



Miami Beach, Florida - May 2018


8. Favorite food?

I LOVE tacos, any shape, size, texture, and culture. Two other things I really love are Phở and espresso!


9. What’s your Alma Mater?

Rutgers University

Go RU!


10. If you could be any animal, what would it be?

I would be the Dire Wolf or Canis dirus. The now extinct species of the genus Canis known as the ‘fearsome dog’ and for having the strongest bite force amongst the Canis species. Also since it is thought to have been closely related in size to the largest Gray Wolf or Canis Lupus currently. Meaning they could have reached a maximum recorded weight of 175 lbs. Which is HUGE! Plus they’re fascinating since they ran in a packs or were loners.    


And in a nutshell that is me!! I am very excited to be working with the community team as we ready the Verizon Community for a huge transformation. I am also amped to get this blog back up and running and hope that you all are excited to get back to reading and engaging with us on blogs that you relate to or don’t! We welcome all feedback.


If you want to discuss any part of my interview further please add a comment.


Thanks for your time and stay tuned to learn more about all of the members on the team!!

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