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Get fit with wearable tech!

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TTS.jpgLooking for a new fitness activity challenge? What better way to start than on National Take the Stairs Day? Yesterday was the perfect holiday to jump start your New Year’s resolutions and work towards your fitness goals.


The primary goal of this day is to encourage you to build healthy habits and improve your health. Taking the stairs is counted as a vigorous activity and burns roughly 1.5 calories for every 10 steps. Which can lead to better cardiovascular health, as well as stronger joints and muscles. Fun fact: climbing the stairs has become a fun and competitive activity.


We know it can be hard to keep up with resolutions especially when it comes to fitness. But we know fitness and we know wearable tech. We have a huge array of wearable tech to suit your needs. Whether you start the day with a yoga session or jump into that 5 AM kickboxing class, you’ll want a better way to keep track of those goals. 


Not sure which to choose: fitness tracker or a smartwatch? That all depends on your goals, and amount of data you’re looking for.


On one hand you’ll want to have device that simply monitors your steps, calories burned, fitness activity and nothing more. This is where the fitness tracker comes in because of the simplicity it offers. With longer lasting batteries, low maintenance to help you focus on your end goals it’s your best bet to keep your life on track.


But then you may want something that keeps up with your busy lifestyle by monitoring your health statistics (heart rate), provide access to notifications from your smart phone, and other items that keep your mind engaged. This is where a smartwatch comes into play, this device is an all-purpose accessory that’s perfect for all your needs.


Let us know what wearable tech you’ll be wearing to do the Take the Stair challenge.

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