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How To Be Prepared For Disasters

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storm.jpgYour Verizon Network is ready to help. At any given time, our Verizon Team is ready to respond and have been trained and equipped for any emergency Mother Nature can throw our way. We rely on teamwork and our excellent service to keep you and your loved ones safe because safety is an important part of our culture, whether at work or at home. As part of practicing our Be SAFE (Smart, Aware, Focused and Equipped) principles, we’re sharing some useful resources to help ensure that that all of you will be ready and safe for when the winds start swirling.


Here are just some basic tips from our Emergency Management team for when a storm is approaching. Although there are many more steps you can do in order to prepare for a disaster, it's important to remember our Be SAFE principles (Be Smart, Aware, Focused and Equipped)!

  • Ensure your contact information is up-to-date in About You.
  • Keep important numbers programmed in your phone.
  • Know the hotline numbers for your building to call for up-to-date building closure information.
  • Know your building’s evacuation plan, which includes the nearest two evacuation routes.
  • Look up your building if you’re unsure of the evacuation plan.
  • Have 72 hours worth of water stored for your household.
  • Have an emergency food supply that will meet the needs of your household for three days without outside help.
  • Make sure everyone in your household can receive, understand, act on information received in an emergency.
  • Identify the best storm shelter in your home or business and practice going there with your family or coworkers.



Last year, flood waters swept away bridges, streets, cars and homes  in Austin, TX. Verizon customer Kerry Packer was in his car when it washed away. Stuck in a tree for nearly 6 hours, Kerry soon realized better absolutely matters.



"I'm definitely grateful for the part Verizon played in getting me home safe to my family." - Kerry Packer




Is your family prepared for a disaster? If so, let us know what you do in order to stay safe and connected!