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The Challenges and Rewards of Motherhood

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the AMAZING Moms out there!

mom.jpgAs many of you know, most of the major “personal” milestones in my life have actually happened while I have been working for Verizon and the Verizon Community. I got engaged, then married, and then had my first baby, all within the last 4 years! Although becoming a fiancé, then a wife, were huge milestones in my life, becoming a Mother has by far been my biggest achievement. While it is absolutely the most rewarding journey I’ve taken in life, it has also been the most challenging. Let’s just say, we didn't know what we were getting into when we first decided to start a family!

I went into my parenting experience thinking it was going to be this amazing, wonderful change that might have some challenges but the positives will outweigh the bad every time! If you recall what I said before, “Motherhood is the most rewarding journey I have taken.” However, with every moment of triumph I had on my journey to motherhood, challenges kept arising to greet me. Since this was my first pregnancy, I was beyond clueless of what it would all entail prior to going down my parenthood path.

First off, I had no clue about the changes and symptoms a woman faces during pregnancy. Yeah, I had heard about nausea and back pain, but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what I experienced during my pregnancy. I’m sure many if not most women experience have experienced the same but this caught me completely off guard. But with every ugly symptom came a new reward! These rewards presented themselves in beautiful and special ways. For example, the first time I heard my baby’s heart beat or the first time I got “butterflies”, which is essentially when the baby kicks out while in the womb.

Then after the longest 9 months came labor, which I am just going to skip over cause it pretty clear how intense labor is and how different it is for every Mother.

So after the long awaited 9 months of pregnancy and the terrifying experience of labor (at least for me) you bring this little bundle of joy into tlauren1.jpghe world and you literally become its complete source for survival. Don’t get me wrong, Daddy is there for support, but with no time to recover from the “intentionally skipped, graphic process of “labor,” I was completely thrown into this new, selfless world where I was forced to put this helpless child’s needs before mine. This feeling is not something most human beings, and definitely myself, was used to doing on a regular basis. To top it off, my “precious bundle of joy” for the most part, cried 10-12 hours (not consecutive) a day. As I think back on my journey now while writing this, it’s almost comical what new Mothers, and myself, experience during the first months after baby comes. I actually remember being jealous of my husband when he returned to work. I remember feeling like I was so dumb to think that I was prepared for what I was experiencing. There were days where I felt maybe we had made a mistake but then a tiny miracle or “reward” would occur and I’d get a sweet smile from her (which was most likely gas) or she’d take a 2 hour nap as opposed to a 20 minute nap. These little rewards would remind me that I didn’t make a mistake and most importantly those rewards began to make my journey worth every second of it, challenges included.

As my daughter grew, the challenges grew with her but in turn, so did the rewards. I can still remember the first time she giggled, and thanks to technology I can still go back and watch the video of the first time she giggled. However that “giggle” reward was quickly plagued by a teething challenge, which was then rewarded by the first time she ate solid foods (which of course I also have on video). I literally could go on and on.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that moms everywhere really made Motherhood look easy! I watched my mother, my grandmothers, and my friends who were Mothers, and I never got the impression that they were dealing with all of these challenges on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. Now my daughter, Isla, is 2 years old and with the toddler stage brings its own set of challenges and rewards. Therefore, I have made a concerted effort to embrace all of the rewards, which in return has really helped me prepare to deal with all the challenges I know I have ahead of me.

I remember after each “stage” of my Motherhood journey I said “thank god that part is over” or “I am so glad we don’t have to go through that again” because after everything I had been though and was going through, I thought I would never even think of having a second baby. I thought I was going to join the “One and Done Club” but to be honest, if given the opportunity, I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Now that I have done it and I have this wonderful, sassy little replica of myself (says my Mother), I feel that she is the reason I am here. I know that sounds super cliché but I can’t really even remember my life before her. Plus I don’t have any desire to go back to life before her. Don’t get me wrong though. There are time when my husband and I think back on the Sundays before Isla came, when we would hang on the couch and watch Netflix all day, whereas now our DVR is so full of shows we never get to watch, let alone Netflix. Instead we are constantly running around from birthday parties, to swim lessons, gymnastics, etc. But even with the craziness of our schedule and the lack of TV Smiley Sad, life still seems fuller with Isla in it and I really can’t imagine life without her.

In closing, I know I have only been a Mother for a little over 2 years so I don’t have a ton of knowledge and advice to give, but I want to thank you for taking a drive down my own memory lane of Motherhood and all the crazy moments and the amazing times I have experienced in these last three years. Motherhood is one heck of a journey and it has taught me not only how to not be selfish but how to live for someone else besides myself. Most importantly, it taught me how to appreciate all the wonderful Mothers out there just trying to make it through to that next “reward”.

Again, Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Moms in our Community! May your day be filled with only rewards Smiley Happy


Please share your experience with Motherhood, along with pictures of you with your children! Or tell us why Mother's Day is important to you!

Thanks for sticking with me thru my first official Blog post,


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