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Updates from your Community Manager

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                                                                                                                                                            May 6, 2019

CM blog pic.jpgHello Verizon Community Members,

Welcome to your first of many Community Manager Blogs! With the migration to the new platform and the full redesign behind us, our team has been fully immersed in getting existing members situated, new members onboarded and everyone engaged! It has been an exciting time for the Verizon Community and the Verizon Community Team and we appreciate all of your support and patience during this process.

Since launching in late February, the Community has registered over 100k new members, almost 4k new posts were created and over 3k likes were received. We are off to a great start and we really appreciate the time and energy that each and every one of you puts into this Community to make this all possible.

On that note, the dust (so to speak) has begun to settle so we are ready to bring back some of the programs that were working before and kickoff a few new programs that hopefully will help to better this Community.

One of the new things we will be sending out on a monthly basis is this: The Community Manager’s Blog. This blog will be used to discuss new features, projects and programs while also highlighting members and topics.

Now on with the good stuff! One of our new features which just so happens to be a combination of things that we previously did sprinkled with some new stuff is our “Member Showcase”. The member showcase will be featured on the bottom of our homepage from now on and it will consist of 3 modules that will highlight the following:

  • Featured Member: which is something we did previously but plan to strengthen
  • Topic Spotlight: which simply shines a spotlight on a post that positively highlights an interaction with a Verizon employee, Verizon Community member or Verizon customer
  • Feature Leaderboard: Seeing as we now have leaderboards on the homepage, category pages and eventually plan to launch on individual board pages this monthly module will highlight a leaderboard from different areas of the Community so that all of our leaders will see their name (and avatar) in lights on the homepage at one point or another!

And the members are in… without further ado, this month’s Member Showcase:

Featured Member: mama23dogs

Mama23dogs has been a Community user since January 2015 and has covered a lot of ground in that time!  With almost 6,000 posts and almost 400 correct answers provided, she recently became one of only TWO users to earn the Picture III badge. She has participated all across different Community topics, but recently she’s been helping users on our iPhone and My Verizon boards!  

Topic Spotlight: meyerca (check out the topic here)

When meyerca created a fundraiser for her students, she was hoping to raise enough to purchase an iPad to use educational apps to enhance their classroom experience.  Verizon matched these donations and we are so happy that she came to the Community to report that her fundraising goal has been met!

Feature Leader: Ann154

Ann154 has been a member of the Verizon Community for 9 years and to date she has provided 3500 Solutions to members and currently holds the overall Solutions Leader for the entire Community. Congrats to Ann154 for her continued participation.

Check out the Member Showcase on the homepage to see these winners and why they were chosen. Congrats to our Member Showcase for all their hard work and dedication to the Verizon Community.

Moving right along, another feature that we are preserving from the legacy platform but really focused on strengthening in today’s world is our “Suggestions for this Community” board. We really value your feedback and this is your Community so it’s important that this digital playground is the playground you want to engage in so please use our Suggestions board to provide us with all the things you think we can do to make this the best Community you interact with.

In addition, we also launched an “Introduce Yourself” thread! This is something new for us considering that this Community is almost a decade old (can you believe it? I still can’t!). That said, we are still waiting for you to come and introduce yourself. So… for the next month we will be keeping a close eye on that thread and at the end of the month we are going to randomly select 2 users that introduced themselves and we will announce those users in next month’s Community Manager blog and they will receive a gift card on us simply for posting a small intro about themselves!

Onto some of the new exciting projects we have coming down the pipe. I am sure that those of you that have logged in have seen our personalized homepage which showcases large tiles that you may have seen in your My Verizon account or on our Support pages. Soon we will be updating those tiles with content that is a bit more relevant to you so that you can quickly access content that is most interesting to you. In addition, we are also working on automating some of our content management processes so we can ensure that we are always serving you the most up to date, clear and correct content we have.

Finally we will be sharing “Community Highlights” with you on a monthly basis. As the Community continues to evolve this section will get more granular. Our hope is to give members and onlookers an overview of the most popular categories, boards and topics for that month. With that said, in the past month Services Category had approx 500k visits, over 1k posts and almost 400 likes were received. On the device front our Android(link) category was the leading hangout spot. Specifically Samsung(link) had almost 800 posts and 200 likes were received.

Whew...that was a ton of info for all of you to digest, so we will stop here for this month. Thank you all for your time and dedication to this Community. You are the reason it continues to exist and evolve and we cannot thank you enough. Congrats again to our Member Showcase winners and please dont forget to check out your name in lights on our homepage. Please continue to engage, provide us with your suggestions and go introduce yourself!

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us on the Community Team


Thanks and happy posting,

Community Manager

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