Adding a tag to a posted solultion.
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I just tried this.  The person who wrote the post that was deemed (by somebody, I don't know how makes this conclusion)  to resolve the issue basically said, to the effect, that the issue is well known and already documented.  That doesn't sound like "resolved" to me, so I wanted to add a tag "Not Resolved". 

When I tried to do that, it did not work.  A message came up saying that the word "Not" is disallowed for use in a tag.

I would love to find out if this is due to a valid techinical issue versus a word that is considered offensive.

Any comments?

Re: Adding a tag to a posted solultion.
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Probably because "not" in general isn't a helpful tag. Tags should reflect what things are, not what they are not. Otherwise you end up with "not cpe" "not routing issue" "not Outlook" etc.

In your shoes, I would probably try "unresolved" as a tag.