An idea for making this community better...
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...not make it so frustrating to set up an account.

I would like some help. Not sure if this is the place to go to get help. I plan on sending a PM to an admin, but I'm posting this here as a reference point.

11/15 - Had a question about my new cell phone and couldn't find the answer in the manual, or anywhere, so I discovered these forums, and thought this would be a great way to get the answer.

I was already logged in to My Verizon. I clicked over to the forums, did some searching, couldn't find the answer. So I thought I would post my question. I clicked the "create new post" button and was prompted to log in. I enter my "My Verizon" user id and password (wondering if it would work...) and was taken to a page asking for name and email address which I entered. I was then taken to a page that asked for screen name and other details which I entered. I then posted my question...

11/17 - I came back to the forums (without logging in to anything first) by going directly to the URL above (which I had saved on my desktop). I noticed there was an answer, but I see I need to clarify my question. So I go to log in. I enter the same user id and password I did on 11/15 and was told the combination is invalid. So I went to the "forgot my user id" link, entered the information requested and was told that the account needs to be activiated. So I then (perhaps foolishly) went back to the beginning and clicked on the "register" link. I put in my "My Verizon" user id and password -- AND IT TOOK IT AS NOT BEING A DUPLICATE. But wait, this is the same user id/password I used two days ago, and that I was just told are invalid. Anyway, so I was then taken to a screen asking for a screen name and email address, and you know what comes next...

I entered "noncitizen" and my email address and was told that both that screen name and email address are already in use.

Really, by whom? Under what user id?

I then looked for some kind of a contact link, or help link, or anything, but it seems that unless you have a valid account on the forums you can't get help with the forums. So I setup this account with another "screen name" (angry_user) and a different email address, that I was hesitant to use because it's not one I give out often.

So basically, this is what I would like to happen. (Of course I can wish in one hand and... well you know the rest.)

I would like the "noncitizen" screen name to be assocaited with the "noncitizen" user id. I'm befuddled as to why they are not the same. I might be old-school but I've never been to a forum where you have a user id AND a "screen name". Normally the name you use to log in is your "screen name". Now how that is to be accomplished I will leave to the admin who understands how these associations work. But what I would really like (just because I'm terribly curious) is to know what user id is registered and using the screen name "noncitizen" and my other email address. If it's not me, then who is. Maybe my doppleganger posted that question the other day.

If that means completely removing that account, and this account, and both screen names, and anything I've every posted here (to date, two posts) then please, blow it away!

Sorry if this sounds angry. It's meant to sound playfully cynical. I am a product of my generation. Perhaps I should have made my "screen name" for this "user id" playfully_cynical. Oh well, guess I'll have to create another account for that.

I've tried to make this as clear as possible (you only do so much with mud). I did try the main "contact" page on and ended up getting someone who (apparently) removed my "My Verizon" account and instructed me to re-enroll. Um,thanks. I say "apparently" because this morning My Verizon still works for me. There *are* strength in numbers, but there are weaknesses as well. The most typical is poor customer service. Oh wait, I'm asking for help, forget I said that...