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how come there is no billing forum topic???????
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Hello and welcome!   Well, that's a very good question because an awful lot of questions in here are about billing.   Billing with verizon is a pet peeve with me and you can review my prior posting about my feelings about billing.   In short, it's a mess.   In fairness, I realize it's an enormous undertaking but what disturbs me most is I don't see very much of an attempt on the part of the upper regions of Verizon to do much of anything about the problems.   It's like business as usual just keep rolling along . . . and getting worse.

I do think there should be a separate section for billing.   It will not be pretty and the moderators will be working overtime in cleaning up language :(.    But you know . . . you can't blame these people for a few chosen cuss words sometimes.   I realize we just can't allow it . . . but I sure understand it.   Times are very hard now for a lot of people.   A telephone (be it landline or wireless) is an essential for many as it is a "Lifeline".    When the billing department screws something up to the point where people who can just barely afford service are suddenly thrust in jeopardy of NO service because of the blunder then their lives can be on the line.   

Passions run deep and wide with billing.   It's not just a matter of a few bucks here and there.  It can mean a lifeline to survival for a lot of people and Verizon needs to do a much better job of "getting it right".   I now live alone . . . I'm a cancer patient myself . . . and believe me I know how important a lifeline can be.