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Thanks to the Verizon Support guy that helped my set my navigation buttons today. The patience and clear instructions are very much appreciated.

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We are glad you are happy with the support you got, and thank you for the thanks!


I have now been with Verizon for 2 months with 4 services and all I can say is that I don't believe the company has a clue about customer service.  I have been trying to communicate with them for 2 weeks via email and cannot get them to make any solid connection other than "call the 800 #"  which only leads to 10 minutes of waiting to get to attempt to get to a person who of course knows nothing about the issue or can only deal with a piece of Verizon instead of all parts (cell, home phone, internet & TV).   The utter stupidity of not being able to get to a person and having the menu hang up on you on a weekend is beyond me.  Evidently no one is to have a job and therefore can take the 30+ minutes during a weekday on normal business hours to negotiate the system while waiting on insufficient answers.  I never had any remote issue like this with Sprint and wish I hadn't changed (dial *2 and you got someone).  The email responses take at least a day and only comment that "we can help you" but then give no certain method of communicating. 

The inability to pay a combined bill at a Verizon office has also occurred.  I tried to force cash (over $400!) on them and was told that Verizon wireless and Verizon are separate companies and so they couldn't take my money!!!!!!!!!!!!

The additional charges that are on my bill that were not identified at purchase are evidently a case of caveat emptor.

The case of the non- described pin number which is required to get registered on the website is another problem.

Having to pay separate fees for cell and home phone to be able to call foreign locations is a total rip off!

I'll do my time but will switch somewhere that cares about the consumer!!!!