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Here are a few thoughts on getting your point across in the Verizon Forums.  I am trying to suggest what works most of the time in most places.

Point One:  When folks look at a post, they are looking at it because they want information.   Therefore, keep it short.  List the one or two most important issues, describe them concisely, and let it go at that.  No reader wants to wade through a post that consists of one long barely understandable paragraph.  We aren't made that way.

Point Two:  Write in a manner that makes your message "good looking."  Sounds silly perhaps, but if the message is a single, long, dense paragraph, people simply will glance at it, decide it's just too much trouble, and then move on.  You can perhaps get away with this if you are James Joyce, but most of us are not James Joyce.

Point Three:  Only ask for suggestions after you have tried all other ways to solve the issue.  Readers will want to know that you have tried all the obvious routes, and that they have not given the desired results.

Point Four:  In all cases, give all sides of the issue (in a concise manner) so that readers will have a basis for understanding the issue and offering ideas.  Also in the case of these forums, remember that we are all customers and we don't work for VZ.  Sometimes contacting the company is the only way.

I'm not a world authority at this kind of thing, but I've been at it for a very long time and have found the above methods quite helpful.

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Re: Making Your Posts Effective
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Another point, don't put your entire message in the subject line or repeat it in the body of post. The subject is effective if draws in the reader without giving away the "plot".

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Making Your Posts Effective
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Hi Armond & Ann-

I agree with all your suggestions- thanks for putting them out there!