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Is there anyway to convince Verizon to overhaul their horrible website?  The system is slow, often inaccurate (just take a look at the tv guide page) and really all I want to do is go quickly to my e-mail inbox without having to navigate through several layers.  Also, they need a way to stop sending you a request for a toolbar after you have clicked 'no thanks' about a thousand times over.

I certainly would be interested if others find this "personalized" website as awful as I do.


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I can't disagree at all with you about the general implementation of the MyVerizon site, but if all you want to do is your email, why don't you just go directly to the email site:

And log in there. That is the way I do it, no going through any of the other junk. I use MyVerizon pretty much only to pay my bill once a month, and occasionally to program my DVR if I forgot to set it to record something and I am not at home.

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