Need a topic for Verizon Web Site + Issues with Web site (please forward)

Suggestion 1:  Add a topic/forum section for Verizon Web site:  If I've missed it, please let me know, but I searched the forums and could not find results for "web site," except irrelevant references.  Since I could not find one, here is. . .

Suggestion 2:  Fix these Web site problems  (can someone in Verizon forward these to your Web team?  All attempts failed)

  • On Contact us page, Customer Service link leads to a 404, not found error
  • Fix faulty 'next page' link in Droid Reviews:  When going from page 2 to page 3 of reviews using the 'next' link at the bottom, the reviews change from Droid Reviews to HTC Imagio reviews.  Droid still shows at the top, but the content consistently shows that people are reviewing Imagios.
  • User names like IluvImagio and imagiouser
  • Features of Imagio are referenced
  • Bar at top shows 2000+ reviews and image of Droid; info for review section of page shows 300+ reviews

Suggestion 3:  Fix faulty link for forum registration:  When trying to register for the forum, I clicked on 'Register.' I got an error that my password and username were incorrect.  I thought I'd misclicked, but I could reproduce this.


Re: Need a topic for Verizon Web Site + Issues with Web site (please forward)
VZ Employee Emeritus

Hello Artemis51,

My apologies for the late reply on this one.  Great feedback!  I'll definitely add this to the list of registration issues that we're working on. 

Thank you so much for taking the time post these issues in such detail.