Rich Text Format toolbar for comments is "broken"
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THE FORMATTING (e.g. bold, italic, font size, color) FOR COMMENTS DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY! Very frustrating.


Here's an example. All the type is the same size. Yet when I posted it as a comment under a topic about the Hallmark channel, it didn't read properly in that section or in this section. This has happened on numerous comments I've posted. Please fix.


The fact that there are multiple threads that overlap tells me that this is a popular topic & important issue for Verizon to address.


For the life of me, I don't understand the logic of many of the channel decisions. One that totally puzzles me is why the Current channel is listed on demand under "FREE;" yet I'm unable to view the channel with the package I have. When Keith Olbermann switched over from MSNBC to Current, I'd expected to still be able to watch the show.


Since Verizon already has Current, and it's listed as a "free" channel, why not let your customers to view it for free?

Re: Rich Text Format toolbar for comments is "broken"
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1. I'm not seeing a new idea.

2. It looks like the formatting works just fine, judgning by all of the craziness you were able to put in that post.

Re: Rich Text Format toolbar for comments is "broken"

Here is what I see in his original post in this thread:


Is the above what he expected to see? I doubt he made all of the font changes smaller on purpose, but maybe he did.

I viewed his post in Firefox, Google Chrome, and IE, all appeared the same.

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Re: Rich Text Format toolbar for comments is "broken"

I have experienced the same thing when posting a responce. It looks like the posted fonts are wrong after the post. Log out and log back into the community and you will see ot.  Yea bug?