SAMSUNG FLIPSHOT REWARD!!! (anyone with this phone can help me + be helped)

Hi everyone! Whoever has a flipshot has an opportunity to help me and get a reward out of it!

My flipshot's screen stopped working and the charging port hasn't worked for a while. **bleep** me, I forgot to use backup assistant to backup my numbers because I forgot that the device verizon stores use needs the charging port to work!

I absolutely cannot lose my numbers because I have contacts in there for business that I have no way of getting back!

My phone still works, but since I can't see the screen, I have to know which buttons to press. I was hoping there would be someone on here that has a flipshot and could guide me step by step to backup assistant. Getting there should be easy, but the tricky part might be setting up a password when it asks for you to make one. The directions need to be very clear and step-by-step.

THIS IS MY LAST HOPE! The top 2 responses with the best detailed instructions will be PMed and I will send them a battery for this phone, since I will be switching to a new phone (I have 2 batteries).

There are 2 menu styles. First you will need to switch to the alternate style before guiding me (not the style that comes enabled when you get the phone). I believe it is the classic style.

I do not upgrade until the 14th so if I could get some replies before then would be great! I am not bluffing...I have no use for the batteries after I upgrade so I promise to send a battery to my top helpers! Thanks all for your help!

Re: SAMSUNG FLIPSHOT REWARD!!! (anyone with this phone can help me + be helped)
Khoros Partner
Khoros Partner

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