Suggestion for Admins
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I have a suggestion for the Admins of this forum.


Maybe you could spend more time within the Device forums to help answer and defuse some hot debates and topics.

There is little Admin action in the Android section, which is where I spend most of my time on this forum, and there are lots of questions that Admins could either answer or help contain.

I think it would help lower complaints and improve satisfaction if some actual Verizon employees were posting.

And when there is a post by an Admin in the Android section, it's by Mark, who does nothing but market new phones. He doesn't actually interact with customers.

So please, Admins, do some work within the device sections. It would be nice to see your answers and thoughts. And I know that it will decrease the huge volume of complaints and unsatisfied customers.

Re: Suggestion for Admins
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Hello M3lton

Thank you for the input. We appreciate hearing from our users.

As you'll see at the top of the Community page, this is a peer-to-peer support forum, and not staffed by Verizon employees. Yes, there are some Verizon posters who will reply to a thread and share their knowledge, but that is the extent of their participation.

Anyone who has issues with a Verizon product or service, should use the Contact Us feature on the main page to reach the approporiate department.