Verizon Community Book of Records.

How about a sticky thread somewhere like in the FAQ that gets updated. Or a top stats page. I just found the top kudoed post of all time and thought it was interesting. 70 Kudos.

Top Tag is droid with 653

Top Kudoed Author StreetDocRN 846

Top Tagger willanaya 5459

Most tagged post has 23 tags.

Would be nice to have this information for top records. Here are my stats. Anyway to compile a list of the highest?

Total Page Views50447
Total Messages Read67182
Board Topics Started100
Board Replies1,694
Blog Articles Posted0
Blog Comments Posted43
Ideas Posted0
Idea Comments Posted0
Total Solutions Marked Accepted33
Total Solutions Authored49
Total Solutions Unmarked Accepted7
Total Kudos Given471
Total Board Views11360
Total Logins1108
Total Minutes Online48171