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Hi everyone,

I know I cannot be the only person that can't help but ponder why this "Verizom Community" is so absolutely and completely user unfriendly? This has got to be the clunkiest, most unintuative user interface/platform I have seen. Reminiscent of dialup days maybe. Not too far off from trying to use the verizon support chat feature on the my Verizon it that they want this to be as frustrating and useless for their customers as possible to deter any sort of information sharing and problem solving? I can't fathom a logical and honest reason. Someone help me come to my senses because I swear I cannot be the only one that feels this way. HELP!

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I totally agree.  I will search for something and find a post that has my exact problem only to find that a Verizon rep said they will help with the problem and the post just dies at that point.

If a Verizon rep helps someone they should post the resolution on the forum.  This would help Verizon tremendously and reduce support calls in my opinion.