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Using my Verizon Residential User ID, I can't' sign in to the Verizon Forum; however, using my Community User ID, I can sign in and post!!

Please put this notice on the sign-in page: it might help people who can't access this Forum with their Verizon User ID.

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Re: Verizon Forum - sign In

Would you like this to be corrected so you can use your residential My Verizon ID instead? You should be able to log in with that ID.

A while back it was changed to use your residential login ID as your screen name, if you want it to be different you must do as you did, and create a user name. But they recommend that it be the same for the purpose of providing support. If your residential login ID is your full name, than the use of personally identifiable information is prohibited in the forums and it is restricted for your own security.