Verizon at Home and Other Blogs

The blogs will show a number when looking that the Verizon Comunity page, but it is almost imposible to determine the New unread posting or comments. It is trial and error. Sure you can read what you think are the new blogs or postings, but it is next to imposible to locate all new comments. I show 10 now to save my life I can not find them. They do not show as numbers under new comments, and the count still shows 10. Of course some of them do show as numbers under new comment, but even after reading new comment the number on the community page ony goes down by the new comments you read. I usually end up marking all posts as read when I feel I could be missing something. I thing the new Blog postings are included in that count and should have some way to show the are not read. Like when you click on a foruns number it takes you to the newest post. Possible future improvement to add something there to help find all the latest comments or flag unread blogs.

Does any of that make since?

I know this type of stuff is on topic here and you do not need to move it. Many ideas get posted in the CL forum, and it may help to post many sugestions here instead. That way people may join in and see the purpose of this board. Good idea?