Voided warranty

We took our family plan and business account and combined to one account. When we did this, we asked if the warranty and insurance were transferable and were told yes. This was last week. This week my phone dies and the warranty is void because of the switch!

That's BBS to me! Instead of replacing phone for the same phone, like the insurance should work, its going to cost me $95 ... And how much does a CURVE cost at Verizon right now? LESS THAN THAT!!!

**bleep** Verizon screws you to the hilt! Is it worth having the $7 monthly insurance plan when they do not even help you!

So .. don't try to save yourself and stay with a company that lies and be sure to get it all in writing. Becuase what's NOT on the agreement, is not stated about warranty, doesn't exist anymore!! **bleep** **bleep** **bleep**!!

Re: Voided warranty
Khoros Partner
Khoros Partner

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