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A moderator's job is only related to the running of the forum. We take note of every suggestion made, but as they are then fowarded to various departments at Verizon, that is as far as we can comment on them. We do not have access to what or by who they were discussed, or what their status may be.

Well then the procedure should be changed so you do have access! The who does not seem very important, but the what was discussed and the status, particularly the final result and schedule if it is to be implemented, are and should be communicated back. After all, Verizon's customers took the time to make a suggestion, seems only fair (and simple) for Verizon to return the favor.


Re: new forum topic suggestion
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Im new to the forums but it seems this might be a entire conversation worth "Forwarding" so that the infamous "They" get's the message that the people that Moderate and basically RUN the forums should be kept in the loop in all decisions of thier particular job and be able to comment and leave feedback to the customer's who suggested it to make the VZW site better. It does help productivity. Just my $.02

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Thank you to all of you here for wanting to make sure you are connected up with the right people at Verizon to be heard. We are very interested in what you are suggesting. We realize we need to be a little bit better at getting back to you on what we have heard from our loyal community members. And we are working on something that will help us do just that; you will hear more about it a little bit later this summer.