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The AboveUnlimited plan includes calls, text, and data use within Canada.  But if more than 50% of usage "in a 60-day period is in" Canada, this Canada service may be removed/limited by Verizon.  So . . . how does Verizon count usage to determine the 50%?  Does Verizon count days?   So, if I'm in Canada for 45 days, will Verizon automatically deem that I've used over 50%?  Or does Verizon look at the total data I used over the 60-day period?  There was prior post about this, and Verizon responded that use for 45 days would NOT trigger any action--no matter how much data was used.  This does not seem right.  Does Verizon really know what it is counting???

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If you're in Canada for 45 days then you're not there for 60 days. In other words you would to have to be in Canada for at least 60 days straight before you would be affected by that rule

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Hello there, CanadaPlan! We know it is essential to verify all the details for your plan, this way you can manage it as you need to. We would be more than happy to help you. Can you tell us a little more? How long are you planning on staying in Canada? Do you travel there often?