Allow Samsung 5S to operate on the Optus Network

I am using a deactivated Samsung 5S on the Optus Network.  I purchased on Optus SIM card for the phone, transferred my existing Optus # to the phone and have been using it for 5 weeks just fine.  I had been getting messages saying that I did not have a Verizon Sim card but was able to ignore them.

Today phone is now trying to go through Setup Wizard to Initialize/activate the phone. 

I accept English as the language and hit Next and get "Phone Activation" screen that says "This SIM card is not from Verizon Wireless." 

I would like to continue using the phone on the Optus network (voice, data and text were all working fine.)

I am not sure what to do as there are only three options "Emergency Call" , "Turn of Phone" or "Use WiFi"

I tried Emergency Call *#83786633 but nothing happens.  (I am in Australia).

I turned off phone removed battery and sim card to no avail.

Does anyone know how to get out of the Setup Wizard activation screen ?  

And how to remove the Verizon application that is looking for a Verizon Sim card.  The Optus card works just fine on the phone.

Thank you!

Re: Allow Samsung 5S to operate on the Optus Network
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Being able to use your device is important. There is an option to skip or skip for now during the Setup Wizard. As for the installed applications, some apps are pre installed and unable to be removed. For activation support, your next best steps are to reach out to your current carrier. All 4G devices are SIM unlocked. Here is a link to our SIM unlock practice:


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