Avoiding travel pass during international travel with a dual-sim phone (eg. iPhone 13, Pixel 6, etc)
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We're traveling internationally with dual-sim phones. Verizon uses a physical sim so we're using a mix of data-only eSims and one pre-paid sim which has a foreign # (text/sms/data).  I've enabled TravelPass as that seems the best to limit the damage if for some reason we accidently use international data. Across 4 phones/3 weeks we've triggered 4 travel passes. We have cellular data disabled for the Verizon sim and we're not making voice calls. We do receive texts over the verizon number but that does not seem to trigger a travel pass. I've asked Verizon what else we need to turn off to avoid this/what has triggered the events so far but they are unable to provide an answer.  Airplane mode is not an option as we do want cellular data for the other sim. Today I disabled MMS messaging on the Verizon sim. None of the travel passes so far seem related to MMS messages but it seemed like a good idea anyway.



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