Best International option for international calls United states and middleast for short term travel (6 months)

What is best International option for international calls between United States and Middle East for short term travel (6 months)?

Is it the world plan 300 or world plan 500? If world plan is best, the following points are not clear according to information on Verizon website:

1. Can calls originate from either US or Middle East, or do they have to originate in US?

2. Is everyone that I call on a cellphone required to have the world plan? What are costs for people I call or receive calls that do not have the world plan?

3. Can I keep my current plan the way it is now and just add the world plan as an extension to my current plan? I am expecting to use the world plan for 6 months and when I return to the US I would cancel the world plan without having to get a whole new plan.

4. Are the 300/500 minutes shared among all lines on the plan?



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Verizon2021User, thanks for reaching out. We do want to make sure that you have all the details that you need to know about international calls. The best way we can get the specifics to you is to gather more details. I've sent you a Private Note. Please respond to that message. -KevinR_VZW