Best option for taking phones to europe.
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Going to Europe in a few months.

I've read through the plans for taking Phone abroad, all seem way too expensive for what they offer or could possibly be useless.

There was one plan where you can rent a lender phone or a lender sim card. has anyone used these plans before, what is the quality and value of the service? There isn't much detail on Verizon website.

On the other hand, is it possible to just buy a SIM card in Europe and put it in my phone? If I do that though, will I not have my contacts. I have a Google Pixel XL.

So what's the best value/quality option? Where If I try to use my phone, I know that ti will work in another country.

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Re: Best option for taking phones to europe.
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The 4G LTE devices are global ready for international travel. They are also unlocked so you can get a SIM card from the local carrier for usually less than an international plan.

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