Call barring preventing incoming / outgoing calls in India

I bought a travel plan on a Samsung S7 earlier today.  Made the modifications suggested per the email received.  Any incoming / outgoing calls are blocked due to "call barring".  I see nowhere in the settings to change this even though android forums seem to suggest that it is out there.

I have been on / off the phone with Verizon all day and they can't figure it out.  Was wondering if anyone has had this issue or can fix it.

Re: Call barring preventing incoming / outgoing calls in India
Verizon Employee

It’s important to be able to stay connected, flavad99, especially when travelling. We’ll do all we can to help out here. Which travel plan did you purchase? What country are you in? Have you powered the phone off then back on? What’s happening with your texts? How about with data services?


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