Can no longer send international text messages

Has anyone lost the ability to send international text messages recently?

I have been sending and receiving international text messages on my rather aged Motorola Z6C for (literally) years.  Starting around last Friday 13-Sep-2019 (hmm) I would send an international text, the phone would say that it was successfully sent, but the recipient would never get the message.

I have checked the numbers and made sure the 01144 prefix for the UK is present.  But in fact nothing changed in the phone, the sending of international text messages just stopped working.

I can receive international text messages, and have confirmed that I can still send and receive domestic text messages.

I appreciate any insight anyone can offer.  TIA


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Re: Can no longer send international text messages
Customer Service Rep

Hello Mark421, we're concerned to learn you're having issues sending international text messages, and we'd love to help. Have you tried sending to different carriers? Is your phone still saying that the message was sent?