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I am in punta Cana and want to just use wifi on my phone. I turned off cellular data but "Claro" shows up in the top left corner instead of "no service". When I go into my settings it won't let me turn off automatic in my carrier settings. I don't want to be charged on this network.

Re: Carrier settings
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Unfortunately, I don't believe most devices have an option to use Wi-Fi but disable the cellular functions, which drives me crazy as well. That said, as long you don't have international services enabled on your line, there shouldn't be any possibility of charges.

You can check your international plan on the Verizon Wireless website by using the menu bar at the top to navigate to:

My Verizon > My Plan & Services > International Usage & Services

It will tell you on that page if you currently have any international travel plan active on your line.

Re: Carrier settings
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Being able to prevent surprise charges on your next bill is important, RHopkins207. Elements offered a helpful suggestion to ensure you know what possible charges may be forthcoming, so you can add a feature if you've already incurred any. In order to disable all cellular, you'd need to have your phone in airplane mode. What make and model device do you have?


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